Q. How can I configure the telnet Helper App to telnet into different ports for different devices? Also, how would you modify the Helper App to telnet to a certain port number?

A. When you use a Helper App, the address and port of the selected device(s) are used in the Helper App - the ${ADDRESS}, ${PORT}, and ${LABEL} variables are substituted with values from the selected device(s).

To telnet into different port numbers, change the order of the items in the Command Line to be ${ADDRESS} ${ARGS} instead of ${ARGS} ${ADDRESS}. Then put ${PORT} in the Arguments field. This will use the port of the clicked-on device, just as the device's address is used in place of ${ADDRESS}.

To connect to a specific port, put the Port number in the Arguments field instead of using ${PORT}. It is recommended that you create a new Helper App if you are going to specify a different Port number