Creating a Link to a Parent Map

It is straightforward to link an icon to another map, so that double-clicking opens that map. This allows you to navigate easily between maps by clicking, yet avoids the problem of having circular references with map status probes.

To create these link icons on your maps, add a new icon, and set its double-click URL. Here are the steps:

  1. First create a Map Status probe for the linked-to map and get its double-click URL. To do this:
    • Drag the icon of the linked-to map from the Map List window onto the map that you want to have the link. This will create a Map Status icon.
    • Right-click this Map Status icon and choose Double-click Action -> URL... to see the double-click URL for that map.
    • Copy the URL, then delete this Map Status probe - you won't need it anymore.
  2. Now create a new icon that will become the double-clickable link to the other map.
    • Insert > Icon... on the map, and select the desired icon. You can give it a label like, "To the Other Map".
    • Right-click on the icon, and choose Double-click Action -> URL...
    • You'll see a "Set Double-click URL" window appear. Paste in the double-click URL you copied above. It will look something like this:


      If you have to log into the map being linked to, you can add "user:password@" to the double-click URL, like this:


      intermapper://user:[email protected]:8181/g450bff5f?MAPID=g450bff5f


Using a Map Status probe provides a convenient way to move to another map - a simple double-click opens the second map.

It is attractive to think about adding another Map Status icon on the second map, using it to "get back to" the first map. But there's a problem...

Because each Map Status probe shows the most serious condition on the other map, it will "lock up" because a problem on one map is reflected in the map status icon on the other map, which causes its map status probe to show that problem. Even after the original fault clears, the map status icon still remains bad, and it feeds that status back to the other map.

Once circular Map Status icons are locked in this state, there is no way out of this situation. Consequently, you should use the technique described above to create links to other maps.