Q:   How do I manage my log and chart files so they do not build up in the folders? I have tried manually deleting the old files, but it seems they are always restored. My Intermapper storage is getting huge and I need to make it manage these files to prevent the backup from taking forever.

A:   Retention policies, are how you do this. But the first four columns - for original, 5-minute, hourly and daily samples - do not control IM's chart files; they affect how long data of each resolution is kept in the external database, if you're using it.

The last setting - 'chart data' - is what controls data collection on the server. By setting that to 'None' you tell IM to stop collecting data for any dataset using that policy.

You don't need to mess with policy rules at all, though, since we provide a built-in policy called 'None' that tells IM not to collect anything for a particular dataset. Open a map, switch from map/list view to dataset view, then select all devices and hit space to check all their boxes. In the right pane you'll see a list of all datasets for those devices, and what policies they're using. If there's anything you no longer want to collect, set it to None.

This makes changes only on new charts.  When you have the policy you want, you have to go back to each map, and adjust the existing chart policies to change them.  Once done that, then you can clean up the stuff you don't want.