Q. My InterMapper server, running on Windows, is suddenly experiencing a degradation in performance, to the point where the application is almost completely unresponsive. What can I do to troubleshoot the problem?

A. If you suspect a particular map might be causing the sudden degradation in performance, you can try disabling the maps in the Server Settings > Enabled Maps settings, and then re-enabling the maps one by one to see if you can pinpoint the issue to one particular map.

We have had a few reports of this problem on Windows machines, where the cause is the existence of temporary files (tmp*.tmp) in the \Maps folder. The result is that all available temporary file names of the format we try to create have been used up, so the attempt to create more fails. This mean that our attempts to auto-save maps (which happens very frequently) fails and causes a stackwalk. Throwing an error and causing a stackwalk are expensive operations, and this is why it is taking so long to process the client communications.

The thing to do, and the thing that should restore your performance, is to stop the InterMapper service, go to your maps folder (C:\Program Files\InterMapper\InterMapper Settings\Maps by default) and delete the tmp*.tmp files. Then restart the service. If you see the folder is filling up with tmp*.tmp files again, please send us the server debug log file from the C:\Program Files\InterMapper\InterMapper Settings\Intermapper Logs folder so we can investigate it further.