In the InterMapper 5.5.n releases, there were fixes to data collection
so that data marked as "autorecord" in the text of the probe file was retained
as intended.

This has a side effect - the chart data directory grows at a much faster
rate than previously.

The procedure below will stop ALL collection of autorecord data; this includes
anything that shows up in the Dataset view for a device or interface as having
a retention policy of autorecord.

To continue collecting data for critical devices currently autorecording, alter
the specific retention policies for required datasets using Dataset View.


To change the effect of the autorecord policy, complete the following steps:

1. Open Server Settings > Retention Policies, choose the Autorecord policy and
open it for editing using the pencil icon.

2. Set the server retention (currently forever) to none. Click OK to exit.

Notes: With the Autorecord policy's chart-data rule set to 'None', the size of
the chart data folder should remain constant.

To free up space, delete the chart data files for existing Autorecord charts
without touching the files for the charts that are in use, using the following

3. Restart the InterMapper server to flush any lingering chart data to disk.
Let it run for a day or two. This makes it easy to identify, based on the
last-modified time, which charts are still active. It's also a good test
to verify that changing the Autorecord retention policy had the desired effect.

4. Stop the InterMapper service.

5. Back up your InterMapper Settings folder (for example, save to a zip file).

Note: the path to the InterMapper Settings folder is given here for reference:

InterMapper Settings folder

 6. Navigate to the InterMapper Settings/Chart Data folder. This contains a
sub-folder for each map, containing the chart files for that map.

7. Delete chart files that haven't been modified in a day or more.

8. Start the InterMapper service.