Third-Party Network Monitoring Tools

Dartware is frequently asked for recommendations about tools that can be used to enhance our InterMapper network monitoring software. This page lists a few that we have found to be useful:

Packet Capture ("Sniffer") Programs

Wireshark, and its predecessor Ethereal, are open-source packet capture programs that will interpret and display all the packets sent on a particular link. These programs are known colloquially as "sniffers", and they are useful for very low-level debugging.

Wireshark is the name for the current project; Ethereal was a previously-used name for this code base. You can download and compile these packages from respectively. These sites have pre-built binaries for these platforms:

* Windows: The Wireshark site offers a pre-built installer for Windows.

* Mac OS X: Andreas Fink of Fink Consulting GmbH has packaged an installer version of Wireshark for MacOS X on both PowerPC and Intel. Go to the Fink Consulting download page for Wireshark and a number of open source packages.

* Unix/Linux: The Wireshark site also has pre-built versions for various Unix or Linux distributions. You can also build the package from source from this site.

MIB Browser programs

The open-source Mibble MIB Browser is a Java application, and thus runs on Windows, MacOS X, and Unix/Linux. It will open various MIB files, let you browse the variables defined in those MIBs, and can query a device using SNMPv1, v2c, or v3. You can download Mibble from: