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Q:  We have a box that does some DB maint 4 times a day, and CPU and RAM usage go up, I would like to stop notification at those time, but just for that device and for that specific duration of the time.... How can I do this ?

A:  Way to do this is using a timed acknowledgement.

Right-click the device, choose Acknowledge, choose Timed from the drop-down list for ack type, and fill in the time duration.

That method does have the disadvantage of requiring manual intervention, though.

A different approach would be to use a second probe which monitors the same device and notifies for problems with availability, then turn the notifiers off for the one monitoring CPU and memory, but have them displayed in the device label.

The downside to that, of course, is no notification of CPU or memory problems outside the maintenance periods other than the visual display.

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Edit-->Server Settings Notifier list
Create a new notifier.
Set the Notifier schedule to be inactive at the correct times
Click OK and get out of Server Settings
Map List Window-->Window-->Device list
Switch to Notifier view.
Choose the notifier you just created from the drop Down.
Attach it to that device... don't forget to shut off any other notifiers on that device that you do not want.

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