Growl is a notification system for Mac OS X. It provides a central mechanism for controlling and customizing the delivery of notification messages from Mac OS X applications. Growl is a free download from:

Growl Integration

InterMapper Control Center version 4.6 (IMCC) and higher can display notification messages via Growl instead of the default, built-in "yellow tooltip window". If Growl is running when IMCC starts up, Growl notifications are used automatically. If you install Growl after IMCC is already running, you must open the IMCC settings window before Growl will be detected and used.

Growl provides additional features over IMCC's built-in message window.

1. Growl has a plugin system that supports customizable "look-and-feel's". Growl notifications look much better, and feel more natural than InterMapper's inflexible yellow window.

2. Most Growl plugins are customizable. You can configure the appearance of the notification, including text size and colors.

3. You can choose which InterMapper notification messages you want to see, or alter the appearance of specific messages to match their importance. For example, you can set up DOWN and CRITICAL notifications to display in giant red text, and ignore all others.

4. You can specify that some or all InterMapper notifications are "sticky" and remain displayed on screen until you explicitly click on them.

5. There are many more options. You can choose to have Growl speak notification messages or email them to you.

To test Growl messages, open the InterMapper Control Center window, then toggle the checkbox that says "Display messages when status changes". Note: Neither Growl nor InterMapper's built-in status window will be used if this checkbox is unchecked.

You configure Growl via its System Preference panel.

Growl provides control over the following InterMapper notifications:

* InterMapper New Version Available
* InterMapper Starting or Stopping
* InterMapper Status is Down
* InterMapper Status is Critical
* InterMapper Status is Alarm
* InterMapper Status is Warning
* InterMapper Status is Okay
* InterMapper Status is Unknown

You can individually enable or disable any of these messages. You can also specify different plugins for different messages or specify that certain messages require you to click on them to dismiss them (the "sticky" option).

If you have Growl installed, but you do not want InterMapper to use it, you can disable it via the command-line:

defaults write com.dartware.InterMapperMenu DWGrowlDisabledKey 1

You must reopen the IMCC Settings window for this change to take effect. Growl support is automatically enabled in IMCC because we assume most people will find it useful. The capability to disable it was added for support of testing and to circumvent potential future compatibility problems.