Q. The "Interfaces Window" for various switches on the InterMapper server shows all interfaces as "up". However, not all interfaces are up. The RemoteAccess client accurately reports which interfaces are up. Closing and opening the interfaces window on the server makes no difference, but if I select an interface for monitoring then it will correctly show that it is down. The interface window on the remote client behaves properly. I open and close interface windows often.

A. If you do not have an interface checked in the interface window, it will not be monitored. Its status will not change in InterMapper, no matter what happens to the physical interface.

The interface window status line is filled in by what the client already knows about the map, as it already has information on each edge. If you open a map, then hide some of the interfaces, as long as that map remains open in that client, you will see the last state of those interfaces, as that is the last knowledge that client has about the interfaces.

Now, if you open another client and open the same map, the client will not know anything about the hidden interfaces, as they were already hidden by the time the map was opened and thus no information was transmitted to the client about them. When you open the interfaces window, because we don't know anything about them one way or the other, these are filled in as "up".

It is best not to rely on the interfaces windows' display of hidden interfaces. Even the one that appears to be correct will be wrong if a hidden interface changes state.