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Q. What is the process I need to follow to upload an SSL certificate to the InterMapper server?

A. There are four important terms related to SSL protection (and three of those terms include the word "certificate"):

a. Private Key (KEY)
b. Certificate (CERT)
c. Certificate Signing Request (CSR)
d. Certificate Authority (CA)

Here is the workflow for importing a CERT into InterMapper:

1. InterMapper creates a KEY and CSR and gives you the text of the CSR.
2. You send the CSR to your CA.
3. The CA signs your CSR to generate your CERT.
4. You import the CERT into InterMapper in the Server Settings > Server Configuration > SSL Certificate window.

The security of the system is provided by the private KEY -- which never leaves the InterMapper server.

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what format CERT is required .PEM?

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Hello Bill,


I see your forum post and I was looking at our SSL documentation and I’m not seeing anything about the format.


Noticed this - SSLCertificateFile contains your signed certificate (the file from Verisign, InstantSSL, or OpenSSL.) Be sure to remove any suffix (such as ".pem") from the file name.


Please review the documentation and let me know if you still need assistance and I’ll reach out to development.


SSL documentation -

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Thanks for your reply, I figured it out, it has to be human readable meaning not binary


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