Q. Is there a way to insert a bitmap (.jpg, .png, .bmp, etc.) into a map? I don't need a background image, but rather a way to identify the type of equipment being monitored (e.g. a Cisco logo above the logical router symbol).

A. This can be done using the Insert > Network command:

1. Import the bitmap as a Custom icon using the Format > Icon > Import command.
2. Create a new network vertex (Insert ->Network)
3. Change the icon to your custom bitmap using the Format > Icon command.
4. Set Label and check the 'Hide Label' check box.

*If you want the custom icon to be available in multiple sizes, suffix the icon names (before the extension) with "_#" where # is a relative size (_1 is smaller than _2 is smaller than _32). See the documentation for more info about using images and custom icons on maps.