Q:  We're a managed service provider and monitor all our customer networks via
a DMVPN, with one map created per site.

Larger customers have a single DMVPN tunnel to us, which we utilise for

This leads us to a situation where if their primary site dies, 20 smaller
sites will also go offline (which we are happy with as the smaller sites
are not critical).

Our map structure looks like:

--Customer 1
--Customer 2
----Site 1
----Site 2
----Site 3
----Site X
--Customer 3
--Customer X

The problem is when Site 1 loses connectivity, Site 2,3,X go offline also.

We have individual vantage points on each site, but I'd like to somehow
link a vantage point across a map so that if Site 1 dies, I don't get 200
emails that all the other sites have gone down.

From reading the documentation the only option I can see is to throw all
the sites onto a single map per customer, but then those maps would be

A:  Our Solution is, that wie have a VPN Map that only Shows 2-4 systems per customer and a drill down maps status probe for the specific customer LAN and a long backbone network- representing the Internet.

Vantage point is an ISP webserver.