Q. What are WINS names?

A. Microsoft's Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) is a name resolution service that resolves computer names to Internet Protocol (IP) address. Using WINS, the computer name can be resolved to a specific IP address.

InterMapper uses WINS names as follows:

InterMapper (all platforms) queries devices for a NetBIOS (WINS) name. This name is used as the device's smart name if the DNS name is unknown or contains the word "DHCP".

When adding a device that is in the same LAN as InterMapper server, you can use the device's NetBIOS/WINS name. To cause a name to be treated as a WINS name, place "\" in front of the name when adding a device. The name is not looked up in the DNS.

Note: Intermapper does not use the WINS server - it only resolves local device names.