From time to time, we will ask you to retrieve SNMPwalk information from a device on your network. InterMapper makes it easy to do this:

- Right-click the device and choose SNMPwalk... (Note: the device must be using an SNMP probe type...)

- Enter the starting OID that you wish to retrieve. It might be something like "ifTable" if you want to see the MIB-2 interface table. To retrieve all the data that the device will supply, enter "1.3.6". In general, you should not check the "Limit by number of rows..." box.

- Click OK. A new window will open, and begin to fill with all the SNMPwalk information. Let it complete - it may take a while. It will look like this:

- Copy all the cells from that window, paste them into a spreadsheet, and send them to [email protected].

Note: The procedure described above is easy to do, but the process described on this Knowledge Base page returns data that's easier to process. Obtaining Detailed SNMP Walk Information