Copying the InterMapper Settings folder on a running server can cause corrupted Chart Data because the directory is being written to while the copy is being done, so you can use the HTTP API to make the backups instead with the scripts linked to below.

The scripts assume you are running them from the destination directory and take the server and port you're backing up from as parameters.

Your destination InterMapper must be stopped prior to running the script, to allow the script to replace files at will. The source InterMapper server should be active, with the InterMapper Web server running also.

For Windows, use the clone_im.vbs script and for Unix-based servers (OS X and Linux) use .

The scripts are text-based and include user comments.

For Unix-like servers, requires bash, curl, tr, grep, sed and awk to be installed.

The remote server does not need to be the same OS platform as the destination machine.