Q. Why won't a device connect to the proper subnet oval?

A. On an InterMapper map, devices attempt to connect themselves to the correct subnet oval. Each oval/subnet on a map contains one or more subnet ranges - that is, a range of IP addresses. A device will attach itself by drawing a line to a subnet oval that contains its IP address.

If you add another subnet oval (Insert -> Network...) with the same subnet, you can drag the line from one subnet to another.

If a device's link has been dragged to an oval that doesn't contain it's address, the link will jump back to another subnet oval that does.

If a device won't stay attached to a subnet that should contain its address:

- Check the subnet mask of both the oval and the device. One may be misconfigured.

- Can also add the subnet to the Subnet List for the network oval by opening the Info window and using the 'Add Subnet' command.