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On an Intermapper server having more than one network interface, how can we force the web server to use a specific interface? 

By default, how does it choose? 

In case it matters, this is running in a VM.




Posted Wed, 06 Dec 2017 07:54:49 GMT by

Hi Evan,

By default, the InterMapper service listens on all interfaces (INADDR_ANY).

However, if you launch intermapperd/InterMapper.exe from the command line, you have access to a set of switches including

--listen <address>

  Listen only on the interface with the specified IPv4 address. Disable IPv6.


ref: InterMapper User Guide, Reference section, Command-line Options for InterMapper

I tested it, and it applies to the web server as well as to client connections on the InterMapper server process.

best regards,

Mike Maki, InterMapper Support

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