Q. Font sizes/type/color are not being reflected on the web page view of a map. In Intermapper RemoteAccess, I can see the font size/type/color displayed correctly, but when I go to the webview, it is reflected at what I assume is some default font size/type/color.

A. The InterMapper server is designed to run on headless servers, and generally leaves the font handling to the client side; as such, it is equipped to deal with fonts that are only installed on the client, and not on the server. In that case, though, the web server is unable to correctly render the fonts; in order for the web server to correctly generate the map image, it needs to have copies of all the fonts used by the client. After you copy the relevant font files into the /Library/Application Support/InterMapper Settings/Fonts folder, you'll have to stop and restart the web server for it to pick up the new fonts (you may have to restart the InterMapper server as well.)