Q. Is there a way to create a web page that references all the graphs as thumbnails on one page?

A.Yes. The URL format for charts is:


It is also possible to control the size of the chart generated using arguments after a ? in the URL. Examine the arguments passed to the !chart.html file. The only tricky thing about !chart.html is the way it uses JavaScript to determine the width of the web browser window to size the chart.

The web charts generated by InterMapper are PNG images; once you know the URL of the image (e.g.*chart.png?width=1179&), it would be easy to include in another web page.

The only caveat right now is that the URL is not guaranteed to be the same across restarts of the InterMapper server. However, we are making some changes for 5.2 which should make the URL more stable.

If you're using frames, you could include the whole web page generated by InterMaper, once you know the URL. These URLs have the same caveat as the PNG URLs mentioned above.