Q. How can I change the fonts the InterMapper web server uses, so that the web view is consistent with the InterMapper RemoteAccess view?

A. The InterMapper web server will do its best to use the same font as set in the Console, so changing the font in Console/RemoteAccess will change the font for the web server. In Windows, we use the canonical fonts directory to find fonts. On the Mac, we find the canonical fonts and massage them and save them into the InterMapper Settings/Fonts directory. In both cases, TrueType fonts are prevalent.

Most Unix environments, though, don't have a ready supply of TrueType fonts, so it's harder there. You will need to find fonts that match the ones the Console is using and put them in the InterMapper Settings/Fonts directory. Note: The InterMapper Settings/Fonts folder must be created manually; it isn't there by default.

A standard Linux installation usually has a couple of TrueType fonts, but mostly other types, such as ATM.

In particular, the files in the /usr/java hierarchy are what are used by the client when running on Linux to provide the guaranteed fonts.

Additionally, the Java font rendering system is more flexible and forgiving about not having exact matches for a font than the web server is (attributes such as "bold" and "italic" count as a different font as far as the web server rendering is concerned).

At present, the InterMapper server reads the available fonts at startup and does not ever refresh that list; you will have to restart the server to pick up on the new fonts.