Customers who have upgraded from earlier releases of InterMapper may notice that the web page refresh function does not work as expected.

This could be due to obsolete files present in the "Web Pages"
subfolder of the InterMapper Settings folder, and can be solved by removing 'mimetypes' and 'intermapper.js' from that location.

1. Stop the web server from the InterMapper Settings window
2. Delete the two offending files
3. Re-start the web server from the InterMapper Settings window.

Customers who have not modified any of the templates for the web interface may safely remove or rename the entire "Web Pages" folder instead of just the two files in question; this will ensure that any future upgrades will always get the newest web interface templates.

Technical details

InterMapper versions prior to version 5.1 unpacked the built-in pages when the web server was started; version 5.1 and later now leave the as-shipped pages in, found in the "Web Pages"
folder, and combine the contents of that with any other files present in the "Web Pages" folder(s), but do not overwrite or delete any other files.

This preserves local modifications of these files.

When there is a naming conflict between the contents of the .zip archive and the contents of the folder, the web server prefers the contents of the folder over the contents of the .zip archive (this is not completely true in the case of HTML templates, where there is a 'version' field that is checked first, but it is true for non-HTML files such as 'mimetypes' and 'intermapper.js').

This leads to the undesirable situation where the older files that were automatically unpacked by InterMapper 5.0.X or earlier are always preferred over the current ones, and manual intervention is required.

If no modifications have been made to any of the templates, just delete the files in question, letting InterMapper use the built-in copies in the .zip archive.

If the files have been modified, they will likely need to be modified again, or else the older version of the interface retained.