Q. Is there a way to redirect users to a specific map when logging into the web server?

A. The normal entry page redirects you to the error_screen. To redirect to a map named "US", you need to replace the default !index.html file:

1. Create a directory named "~GuestHTML" in the "Web Pages" directory inside the "InterMapper Settings" directory.

2. Create a text file named "!index.html" inside the "~GuestHTML" directory and insert the text below. Replace "/US" with a different map name to redirect to that map instead.

3. Stop and restart the InterMapper web server via Server Settings. Now when you go to the main web server page, you will automatically be redirected to the map named "US".

  • ---- Paste this text into !index.html -----

    #version "1.1"
    #template "none"

    Your Page Title

    ---- End of pasted text -------