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Under Server Settings -> Log Files, is there a way to allow the "Delete log files after' setting to go beyond the default maximum of 100 days?  We'd like to keep the log data for a year but keep the 'Start New Log File' setting at 'Once a Day' so the individual file size remains small-ish.  The unit of time for 'Delete log files after' is tied to the unit of time specified in 'Start New Log File' setting.


InterMapper 6.1.4

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Hi Ross, 

100 days is the maximum for delete log files.However, if you leave that checkbox unchecked then it should keep them indefinitely. I will warn you that if the drive space fills up then the Intermapper service won't start. Sometimes logs can be quite large and if traps are used in logging then they can become gigantic. 



Intermapper Support

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