There are a few steps within Intermapper to enable the layer 2 feature.

Start with a map that has several devices (Switches if possible) monitored using SNMP probes such as the basic SNMP Traffic probe. Once the SNMP Traffic probe is applied and begins polling, Intermapper will display numbered interfaces that are connected to the devices. To display unnumbered interfaces, you will need to open the Interface window and select “Display unnumbered interfaces”.

In order to use the Layer 2 feature, enable it from Edit > Server Settings > Layer 2 > “Enable Layer 2 Scanning on this server.” At the bottom of the window you can specify how often you want Intermapper to collect Layer 2 information. The Layer 2 scan can be quite extensive depending on the size of your network. We recommend limiting the frequency of Layer 2 scans if you notice CPU performance issues during the scan.

Select the individual map to be scanned using Layer 2. This can be using Edit > Map Settings > Layer 2 > Select “Enable Layer scan for this map.” Intermapper can now run a Layer 2 scan.

To view the Layer 2 window view, use the Window > Device List menu item. The view menu in the device list contains Layer 2 option. The “Scan” button is in the bottom right of the window and can be used to run scan.

If the maps does not reflect any changes from the scan immediately try the Map Settings > Layer 2 > Change Now button.