Q. How do I obtain a telnet log of the RemoteAccess client?

A. To obtain the client telnet log:

1) Telnet into the InterMapper server. You will first need to start the telnet server and configure the firewall settings in the Server Settings > Server
Configuration > Telnet Server window.

2) Type 'kali' once to get a list of connections. Then pick the connection you want to debug, and type 'kali ' where < connection-id> is from the first column of the list of connections.

3) Recreate the issue you are seeing in the client.

4. Copy the text from the telnet window and paste into an email to support.intermapper@helpsystems.com. It should look something like this:

Monitoring kali connection 834f010.

 <KC_openmapstatus id='11589' name='g4e31939a'/>
<KR id='11589' response='404'>Map status &apos;g4e31939a&apos; not found.</KR>
<KC_openmapstatus id='11590' name='g4e31939a'/>
<KR id='11590' response='404'>Map status &apos;g4e31939a&apos; [/list]