Q. Is there a way to run multiple copies of InterMapper RemoteAccess from a Citrix Metaframe or Windows Terminal server?

A. The 'com.dartware.useSystemPrefs' property can be set to false on the command line to force InterMapper RemoteAccess to use the user preferences instead of the system preferences for license storage, so that multiple users can run it concurrently and connect to the InterMapper server.

To set the 'com.dartware.useSystemPrefs' property to false:

1. Right-click on the InterMapper RemoteAccess shortcut or Start > Programs menu item, and display the Properties.

 2. In the Target field, add the following command line option:


Your command line should look like this:

"C:\Program Files\InterMapper RemoteAccess\InterMapper_RemoteAccess.exe" -Dcom.dartware.useSystemPrefs=false