Q. How do I terminate a remote connection to the server?

A. There are two ways to do this:

A) If you're using 5.3 or later and you have access to the server's desktop, whether physically or via RDP or VNC or the like, you can launch the local GUI on the server, go to the Remote Server pane in the Server Settings, and click on "Show Connected Clients". Find the offending connection in the list presented and click "Disconnect". (You could do the same from another copy of IMRA if a colleague has one.)

B) If this isn't an option, but you have the telnet server turned on, you can do the following if you know the IP address of the computer you wish to disconnect:

1) Log in to the InterMapper telnet server.
2) Issue a plain "KALI" command. You will get a list of remote server connections.
3) Find the one with the IP address in question and type the command "KALI id kill" where id is the id from the first column of the KALI command output.