Posted Thu, 01 Jan 2015 16:00:00 GMT by

Hi there

Since 5.8.x, the new "HelpSystems" version of IM Remote loves to trigger the Discrete GPU in MacOSX. (i.e. it fired up the nVidia GPU instead of just using the Intel Iris/CPU based one)

This makes our batteries run down in double to triple the amount of time; making remote monitoring when doing off-hours support calls really frustrating when you're out-and-about and dont have alot of power reserves to begin with.

This may have been done to "speed up" the ants/animations, or it was an oversight in the way Java is being called.

Please either change it back to it's 5.6 behaviour, or give us an option in preferences not to use the power-hungry GPU for what should be a light-weight client application.

Posted Mon, 09 Mar 2015 13:00:00 GMT by

Hi regarding your comment about the triggering discrete GPU in MacOSX.  We do have a bug filed internally to take a look at this issue. it is currently unresolved at the moment but it is in our queue to be looked at.

Java also bug within their product that forces this behavior. Please refer to the link below for more details and status of this software related bug.



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