MikroTik Winbox as a Helper Application

InterMapper's Wireless Probe Pack provides a number of probes for monitoring MikroTik routers. These retrieve critical statistics from the MikroTik software running on a Routerboard, or as a WDS Bridge, Radio Uplink, or the software only. For more information on these probes, see our Wireless Probe Pack.

In addition, InterMapper can invoke the MikroTik Winbox software as a helper application. That is, InterMapper can invoke the Winbox application to show detailed status for a MikroTik router, wireless access point or Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).

When you configure the Winbox application to be a helper application for InterMapper, you can right-click on a MikroTik icon and open the Winbox software already connected to the proper device.
Configuring the Winbox Software as a Helper Application

Note: You must run your copy of InterMapper or RemoteAccess on a Windows computer, as the Winbox program only runs on Windows.

To configure the Winbox software as a helper, first download the Winbox software to your computer. This is a one-time procedure:

* Download the Winbox loader from your MikroTik equipment directly by going to this URL: http://www.mikrotik.com/download This will retrieve the loader directly from your MikroTik device.

* The examples that follow assume that you have saved it in "Program Files\MikroTik"

* Double-click the Winbox.exe icon, and let it download the remainder of the plugins.

After you have the Winbox software on your computer, you should configure the helper application as described in the "Using and Configuring Helper Application"s section of the User Guide.

To do this, right-click on a device, and choose Helper Apps > Customize.... Then click Add button, and fill in the resulting window with the following information:

Title MikroTik Winbox
Command Line "\\Program Files\\MikroTik\\winbox.exe" ${ADDRESS}>NUL
Other Fields Leave blank or un-checked

After entering this, the MikroTik Winbox application will be immediately available through a right-click context menu.