Q. I opened a map today and all the icons were missing. I tried using the Format > Icon > Reload command but that didn't fix it. I had to close RemoteAccess and re-open it to get the icons loaded.

A. We hear of this behavior from time to time but it is difficult to reproduce. If you see this problem occur, use the 'Test Icon' menu item to generate more debugging information:

Open the Help > Diagnostics > Client Log window and choose the 'Misc > Test Icon' command, then select the server name, select the icon to test, and click 'OK'.

This will output some information to the Console.app on OS X. If you are using Windows, you will need to use the 'Debug > Redirect System Output' command to specify a file to direct the debugging information to before using 'Test Icon'.

Copy the relevant information from the Console.app or attach the output file created on Windows to the Help > Report a Bug window and click 'Submit' to send the relevant information to Dartware technical support.