Q. Where do I find debugging information for InterMapper RemoteAccess?

Unix Systems (including MacOS X)

Sending a SIGQUIT message to InterMapper RemoteAccess will result in a full thread dump. If you launched InterMapper RemoteAccess via the command line (e.g., java -jar ), Ctrl-\ to stdin will also work.

To send a SIGQUIT message, type the following in a terminal window (pid is the process id for InterMapper RemoteAccess):

kill -QUIT pid

The thread dump will be sent to stderr. On MacOS X, this is always the Console, unless you are running from the Terminal.

Windows Systems

If you have launched InterMapper RemoteAccess from the command line (e.g., java -jar ) press Ctrl-Break in the Command Prompt to force the stack trace.

The stack trace always goes to stderr.

On Windows, this is the equivalent of /dev/null unless you are running from a Command Prompt or have redirected stdout/stderr to a file via the Debug Window's Redirect System Output... menu item.