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This one threw us for over a month.

We had a 10 client Licence enforced "client side"  (i.e. 10 individual serial #s and such, given out to the key employees). We subsequently migarted to a "server pool" licence (more efficient), yet we couldn't figure out any way to actually delete the client-side licence from any OSX IMRemote computer. (the IM Remote kept trying to use the embedded-on-the-computer licence insteaf of the pool). This also caused havoc as the client licence expired.

So -- we have found there is no way in IM Remote 5.8 to clear the licence natively within the GUI client. Even "unregister product" in the pull down help failed to clear it. We tried finding every dartware related directory/pref file/settings/etc... (library/application support/, library/preferences/ etc.... Spotlight is your friend!)

After a Dartware Ticket opened -- advised the licence key data is stored in:


Deleted that, and the licence actually disappears finally.

Note to HelpSystems: in the IM remote client, if we ask to "remove the licence", please actually do it.. dont give us the run around and keep showing us the individual licence even though weve explicitly asked (via the GUI) to remove it.

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This doesn't seem to work anymore.  I have 10 server-based licenses that can't be used because my client machines have old expired local licenses.  I have 42 old-style licenses that I can't use because they were assigned to long-lost dongles.  The Keys people don't answer emails on weekends and I have a show on Monday and a whole bunch of people that were hoping to work tomorrow to get the maps ready.

Thanks, Intermapper, for having an archaic licensing system using an outdated model with client software that has been screwed up for at least three years or so since this start of this thread.  Did they lay off all the developers when the company was purchased or do they simply not care about the customers anymore?

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There are two places on OS X where a license may live.  One is mentioned in the original forum post:



It is a system-wide license for any user.  It generally is installed when IMRA is run as root.  It is a plist file, so editing it is not straightforward.  Nothing else is stored in that file, so removing it is safe.


The second license location is per user:



There is other information in this file, so some settings will be lost if it is deleted.  The license here is the one removed by the Remove button in the registration dialog.

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