Q. Is there a way to increase the amount of memory available to the InterMapper RemoteAccess client?

A. Yes. The method depends upon the platform where InterMapper RemoteAccess is installed.

Mac OS X:

  • On OS X, the client only has 256MB allocated to it (512MB as of InterMapper 5.5). If you wish to use more RAM, you will need to edit the program's Info.plist file in the application bundle. To do this, right/ctl-click on the InterMapper RemoteAccess application and select 'Show Package Contents". In the Contents folder, edit the Info.plist file. Change -Xmx256M to whatever value you wish to allocate, e.g. -Xmx512M. Note: You may need to change the Ownership & Permissions of the Contents folder to Read & Write if you are unable to save the changes.

Windows and Linux:

  • The default launcher will reserve a maximum memory size of 1/2 the physical RAM of the computer. If you want to increase that, you can use the -Xmx command line option when launching from a command prompt, for example:

    Java -Xmx1024M -jar intermapper_remoteaccess.jar

Note: On Windows machines, the maximum amount of memory allocated to the client cannot be set to more than 1535 (MB) for 32-bit Java installations, as the process will crash.
On SPARC machines, the value cannot be set to more than 4000 (MB) and 2000 (MB) for x86-based Unix and Linux machines, again for the 32-bit Java.

Java 64-bit installations will not have the above limitations.

Regardless of the platform, you should never use a number greater than the amount of real memory you have.