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Have multiple thousand end-devices, each of which send UDP data to multicast groups on specific ports.  A port range is characteristic of a particular application.  I’m not trying to group the devices together, as much as identify “how much of my data is application X, where X uses UDP port range 56005-56025 on a variety of destination multicast groups”.  Does Intermapper flows support this type of mapping, or not?

InterMapper Flows is designed to do exactly that sort of application.

What is required is one or more switches that support sFlow or Netflow and are in the data path. Once they have been set up to export to the InterMapper Flows server (port 2055 for Netflow and 6343 for sFlow are the default UDP ports Flows listens on) the exported flows data will be visible in the Flows tool.

The setup for flow export is device-dependent, please consult the vendor documentation for specific information. The exception to this is sFlow devices which will accept export configuration via SNMP-SET commands, which is supported in the Flows Settings > Exporters tab using the “Add sFlow Exporter” button.

Received flows data can be filtered in a number of ways, including by port. The attached screenshot shows how to delete unwanted ports from the display in the Top Ports tab in order to focus on the ports of Interest.

Port definitions can be added to a text file called services in the installation directory for Flows (for example, on my Windows host, this is C:\Program Files\InterMapper\flows\services) to provide friendlier display labeling.

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How do I aggregate the port range? I'd like to display all of the talkers which match ports 56005, 56006, 56007, and 56010, but nothing else.
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Thanks for the post!  InterMapper Flows currently does not support the ability to display aggregate port range.  You can filter on specific port, host, or vlan info, but not filter on multiple items.

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