We have a chart that's been running for a while now that graphs our bandwidth usage. When the chart was originally created, the values used were the (xx Mbps) off of the link status. Those actually added to the chart as Mbps. Now when we add a new link to this same chart, even though the value on the link status page is listed as xx Mbps, it's adding to the chart as just bps. This causes our new link with hardly any traffic on it to be charted way above the current links. (3000 bps charts a lot higher than 150 Mbps).

I'm not aware of any way to change the scale of a data value for charting. I thought it scaled based off of what the link status page said. However, in this case, the link status page says Mbps when you drag the value over to the chart, but actually shows up on the chart in bps.

I know you can scale the chart as a whole. Is it the case that everything now charts as bps and you have to scale the whole chart? How would we go about adding a new link to an existing chart where the existing values are charted at Mbps and new values are adding at bps? Are we going to have to make a new chart?


The Chart Options tool (gear icon in the lower left of the chart), Vertical Axis tab, will allow you to set the units to use any of a number of prefixes including kilo (k) or Mega (M); this will apply to all traces on the chart.

There are two radio buttons for the scale setting - Logarithmic and Linear. Linear is the default, but if there is a big difference between the interface speeds you're charting, or their utillization, you may want to use the log scale instead to make the traces more readable.

The Label field is for the axis label, and can be used to clarify the units being displayed.


Make separate charts for LAN and WAN interfaces.