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Intermapper Flows 5.7 does't present Cisco netflow version 9, in the latest version 5.8 there is a problem in filtering the v9 exporter in the flow gui.
I have made a ticked to the IM team but I am curious if anyone has it working because the v9 posibility is supported for years, at least at according to the specs.

I use server macosx 10.8 IM 5.7, and I tested 5.8

fortigate Sflow 5
Cisco ASA Netflow 9 <- not="" working="" br=""> Cisco 6500 netflow 5

Hans Heger The Netherlands

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Please open a support ticket.  This should work, sounds like it will need some troubleshooting.  Send an email to [email protected] to get it resolved.

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We have the same or similar issue. It appears the ASA is exporting flows but nothing shows up in the GUI. Intermapper Flows can see the interfaces on the ASA so there is some communication going on. Running OS X 10.9.5, Intermapper 5.8.2, Cisco ASA 5515 9.1(4) Ben

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