Due to limitations imposed by 32-bit memory addressing, it is possible that Flows 5.7 will not be compatible with installations using the larger Flows database settings. In this case it is necessary to back the Flows version down to Flows 1.3 .

The following procedure addresses this.

1. Install IM Flows 1.3.

2. Verify the netsaw.conf file (typically in /Library/Application Support/ns2flows) databasepath entry points to çns2flows/SESSIONDB.

3. Stop the Flows 5.7 daemon using the InterMapper Control Center menu bar app or:

sudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.dartware.InterMapperFlows.plist

4. Start the IMFlows 1.3 daemon using:
sudo launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.proquesys.NetSAW2.plist

The Flows 1.3 server will write log entries into the file indicated in the
/Library/Application Support/InterMapper Settings/Flows/netsaw.conf file in the logfile entry.

The changes above restored the Flows 1.3 server to operation. The steps following are changes to the client application.

5. Verify the file /Library/Application Support/InterMapper Settings/Extensions/netsaw.jar exists.

6. Edit the flows.xml file in InterMapper Settings/Extensions as shown below.

cd /Library/Application\ Support/InterMapper\ Settings/Extensions
mv flows.xml flows.xml.bak
cp netsaw.xml flows.xml
mv imflows /tmp

7. Stop and re-start the InterMapper service using the InterMapper Control Center menu bar app.

Changing InterMapper Control center to start and stop Flows 1.3 rather than the Flows 5.7 version requires finding and editing two XML files located in the InterMapper installation directory.