Due to limitations imposed by 32-bit memory addressing, it is possible that Flows 5.7 will not be compatible with installations using the larger Flows database settings. In this case it is necessary to back the Flows version down to Flows 1.3 .

The following procedure addresses this.

1. Install IM Flows 1.3.

2. Verify the netsaw.conf file (typically in c:\Program Files\ns2flows) databasepath entry points to C:\Program Files\ns2flows\SESSIONDB.

3. Stop the Flows 5.7 service using InterMapper Control Center.

4. Start the IMFlows/Netsaw2 (Flows 1.3) service using Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. Right-click the InterMapper Flows service and use Properties to set the status to Disabled.

The Flows 1.3 server will write log entries into the file indicated in the
C:\Program Files\ns2flows\netsaw.conf file in the logfile entry.

The changes above restored the Flows 1.3 server to operation. The steps following are changes to the client application.

5. Verify the file InterMapper Settings\Extensions\netsaw.jar exists.

6. Edit the flows.xml file in InterMapper Settings/Extensions as shown below.

Note: the location of the InterMapper Settings folder varies by Windows version, but will be either:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\InterMapper or

C:\ProgramData is a hidden folder and it may be necessary to adjust Windows Explorer settings to reach it.

Verify the Extensions folder has a copy of netsaw.jar, then copy the data
from netsaw.xml in the same directory, replacing

name='InterMapper Flows'
version='buildD8291' >
name='InterMapper Flows'
class='com.helpsystems.intermapper.flows.remote.NSPluginIMFlows' />


name='InterMapper Flows'
version='build5358.0' >
name='InterMapper Flows'
class='com.proquesys.netsaw.remote.NSPluginIMFlows' />

7. Save the edited flows.xml file.

8. Stop and re-start the InterMapper service using InterMapper Controld Center.

Changing InterMapper Control center to start and stop Flows 1.3 rather than the Flows 5.7 version requires finding and editing two XML files located in the InterMapper installation directory. The installation location is by default either:

C:\Program Files (x86)\InterMapper or
C:\Program Files\InterMapper depending on system architecture.

In each case, only one thing needs to be changed, the 4th line from the bottom of the file:

Change the file StartFlowsTask.xml by replacing the following line with the one below it.

--elevHelper start IMFlows
--elevHelper start ns2flowsService

Also change StopFlowsTask.xml in the same way:

--elevHelper stop IMFlows
--elevHelper stop ns2flowsService