Q. Is there a way to truncate the Flows database? I noticed there are .dat files in the /ns2flows/SESSIONDB folder, with varying date stamps. Is it as simple as stopping the ns2flows service/daemon and deleting the relevant .dat files from the SESSIONDB folder?

A. There is no relationship between the date stamp of the .dat files and the database store. The .dat files are all created at once and used as a rotating store.

For instance, if you had 12 database .dat files, and all of them were full, then deleting one would delete 1/12th of your database, at some undetermined timepoint.

The only way to truncate the database is to stop the service/daemon and delete all the .dat files in the database directory. They will all be recreated. When the .metadb file is deleted, then all the existing .dat files will be ignored from then on, and new ones will be created.