Instructions for configuring an ImageStream TransPort router to send NetFlow v5 packets to InterMapper Flows

1. For initial setup, connect TransPort to Computer via switch or crossover cable:

* Set IP address of computer to
* Set Subnet Mask of computer to

2. Windows XP:

* Click Start → Run...
* Type “cmd”
* Type “telnet”
* Type “open” and hit Enter

3. Linux or OS X:

* Open Terminal Window
* Type “telnet” and hit Enter

4. ImageStream NetFlows Setup:

* At login prompt type “root” and hit Enter
* Choose Option 1 for “Configuration Menu”, Option 5 for “Service Configuration”, Option 7 for “Netflow Probes”
* Choose Option 1 for “Configure NetFlow Probe”
* Choose the device to configure (eth0;eth1;eth2;eth3) corresponding to the port on the TransPort Router
* Choose Y (yes) to configure NetFlow Probe
* Enter the IP address of the Intermapper Flows Server and hit Enter
* Enter the Port number to be used by the Intermapper Flows Server to collect Flows (The default is 2055)
* Choose Y (yes) to confirm IP address and Port number are correct
* Choose N (no) to not configure advanced settings for the probe unless you have reasons to do otherwise. The default settings work fine.
* Choose Y to configure other devices if you need to, otherwise choose N to exit the configuration
* Choose Option 2 to set the NetFlow service to start automatically when the router boots
* Choose Option 4 to start the NetFlow Probe
* Choose Option 0 to return to Service Configuration

5. ImageStream Router Network Setup:

* Choose Option 8 for network interfaces
* Choose Option 1 for Configure Network Interfaces
* Edit the IP address and Subnet Mask to appropriate static values for the ImageStream Router your network
* Hit CTRL O (^O) to save the file
* Use the default name “wan.conf” and hit enter
* Hit CTRL X (^X) to exit
* Reloading sand will disconnect your telnet session if you changed the IP address so if you are ready to disconnect the router and connect it to your network choose Y, otherwise choose N to remain in the menus and continue other configuration.
* Choose Option 0 to return to Service Configuration
* Choose Option 0 to return to Configuration Menu
* Choose Option 0 to return to ISis-Router Main Menu
* Choose Option 0 to Log Off and disconnect your telnet Session
* The Router is now prepared to be connected to your network and send NetFlows to the Intermapper Flows Server

6. Disconnect the Router from power and Network and Connect it to your Network in the appropriate location.

7. Don't forget to set the IP address and Subnet Mask on your computer back to their normal settings.

8. Open Intermapper Flows and check the Collectors for your new Collector and give it an appropriate name. It may take a couple of minutes before the first NetFlow data is sent from the ImageStream TransPort to the Intermapper Flows Server.

Note: The ImageStream TransPort router supports NetFlow v5 packets only.