Q. Is it possible to allocate more than 4 GB of memory cache to InterMapper Flows?

A. This is possible but it is a manual process.
The slider in the Flows Settings > Advanced window is linked to two fields in the 'netsaw.conf' config file:

  • conntracksize 209715
    memcachesize 4194304

These numbers are for the 1GB memory cache position. The total amount of RAM in this example will actually be a little over 1 GB (1 GB for the memcache, 5 MB for the conntrack).

You may simply take the numbers on those two lines, and multiply both of them by any number to increase the session cache. Multiplying by 8 would use 8GB of cache, 12, for 12GB, etc.

Alternatively, if you are not seeing drops due to limited 'conntracksize', you could consider only increasing the 'memcachesize' number.

You can allocate as much memory as you wish, using a 64-bit OS. You can simply multiply for each additional GB of RAM. As for the conntrack size, you can freely scale that also, to whatever number makes sense.