One of our customers used these commands to configure sFlow on his Extreme Networks switch. The switch itself is at addres; InterMapper Flows is at, listening on the default port 6343.

enable sflow
configure sflow agent
configure sflow collector port 6343 vr VR-Default
configure sflow sample-rate 512
configure sflow poll-interval 30
enable sflow ports all


  • The "enable sflow ports" command takes a list of the port(s) to enable for sFlow. The keyword "all" enables all ports.
  • In the configure sflow collector command be sure use the vr option to turn on the sFlow for the virtual router (in this case, "VR-Default") If you don't do this, the default will be to enable sFlow on the management router, which will not correctly reflect the traffic flowing through the switch.

To see information about the current state of sFlow on your router, use the following commands:

show sflow configuration
show sflow statistics