Q: Last week we were doing major OS upgrades and the sys admin that was doing my imdc server noticed that while calling this command "/services/net-mon/bin/imdc stop" shutdown imdc, postgres was still running ... is there an easy way to shut this down from a script, or am I going to need to send it a kill signal of some sort?

A:This typically happens when the database is overloaded, so any improvements to that - reducing the number of exported datasets, using a machine that doesn't have other I/O on it, etc. - will help.

When a busy InterMapper Database is being shut down, we currently ask users to verify that the Postgres processes have all exited, and if not to kill them (kill -9 for Linux or OS X, Task Manager in Windows).

Basically, IMDC tries to stop the database on shutdown, but Postgres is so busy inserting data that it misses that command.