Q. I’ve moved IMDC to a new server and copied over the /imdc folder, and checked ownership and permissions of both that folder and the /config folder inside it.

I also moved the config folder to the second disk in the VM to facilitate
future expansion when we need to grow the virtual disk. I then made a
symbolic link in the /imdc folder called 'config', pointing to the /config folder on the other disk.

The Postgres process doesn’t even start when I launch IMDC and it reports that it can’t connect to its internal database.

A. The problem is that we tell PostgreSQL to write its log files to "../../log", to avoid relocation or cross-platform issues. But
that obviously breaks when a symlink is used. To fix this, open /db/config/database/postgresql.conf. Line 246 should look like this:

log_directory = '../../log' # directory where log files are written,

Change it to this:

log_directory = '/usr/local/imdc/log'

Then save the file and restart IMDC, or just the IMDatabase app.