Q. How do I log on to the InterMapper Database as a super-user?

A. Gaining super-user access to InterMapper Database is very similar to the 'unlock' procedure described on the "Setup Instructions" page of the InterMapper Database web administration interface.

1. From the InterMapper DataCenter Database tool, stop the InterMapper Database service.

2. Open the folder C:\Program Files\InterMapper\dwf\config\database on Windows, or /usr/local/imdc/config/database on UNIX.

3. Open the file pg_hba.conf, and scroll down to the section that looks like this:

# IPv4 local connections:

4. Add a line to the section, as shown below:

# IPv4 local connections:
host all imdatabase trust

This automatically grants access to anyone logging into the database as the 'imdatabase' super-user from

5. Save and close the file, and start the InterMapper Database service again from the InterMapper DataCenter Database tool.

6. Using pgAdmin or any other tool, you can now log in as 'imdatabase'. It may still prompt you for your password, but should grant you access even without entering anything in that prompt. Please take care when logged in as this user. Many changes, including adding or removing columns and deleting entries from certain tables, may cause the database to break when upgraded to a newer version.