Q. How can I automatically assign map access permissions to users that authenticate using the InterMapper Authentication Server (IM AUTH)?

A. When a user that does not exist in InterMapper's local user database attempts to log in to the server, the InterMapper server will forward that request to IM Auth and a new user entry will be created in the local database. This entry will not be assigned any map access permissions. You can automatically assign map access permissions to the new user entry by first creating a default IM AUTH group, as follows:

1. Open the Server Settings > Users Settings.
2. Click the 'Advanced' button.
3. Enter a new group name in the 'Default Group' field.
4. Open the Server Settings > Map Access Settings.
5. Click the box to 'Show Access by User' and select the new default group.
6. Assign the desired Web and Remote map access permissions to the group.

Note: Any user with an entry in the external name directory server will be able to log into the InterMapper server and will inherit the permissions of the default group.