Here are the steps for re-initializing the database on Windows:

1. Stop the DataCenter service

2. Delete the C:\Program Files\InterMapper\dwf\config\database folder, as well as all the log files in the C:\Program Files\InterMapper\dwf\log folder.

3. Then start the DataCenter service

4. Visit the web interface. Click 'Configure' for the database, and run through that.

Initializing IM Reports database on Linux:

On the IM server open a browser to
When this page loads, The middle of this page is the management for IMDatabase.
If the database is running, stop it.
When stopped, the status will show Stopped on the management web page.
Next, stop the imdc and internapperd daemons with these commands
sudo /etc/init.d/imdc stop
sudo /etc/init.d/intermapperd stop

go to this folder on the volume where IM is installed.

Delete all the files and folders under the folder database
sudo rm -rf /usr/local/imdc/config/database/*
Leave database folder there or InterMapper will not start

Start the IM daemons like so
sudo /etc/init.d/imdc start
sudo /etc/init.d/intermapperd start

This will create the new IMDatabase automatically.
Go back to the IM Data Center web management page at
Click on Start to start the IMDatabase on the management page
you may get message, no servers registered
but you should see a message that a new database is created.

Go to server settings, Reports Server
Click on the stop button
click on the start button

This should now register your InterMapper to the newly created database
Once started, click on configure, this will take you back to the IM Data Center
Now you should see data being imported into the newly created database