Here is the Linux

sudo /usr/local/share/intermapper/
sudo /usr/local/bin/intermapperd --setenv "Admin=remote:password@*.*.*.*"
sudo /usr/local/share/intermapper/
The --setenv Admin "remote:password@*.*.*.*" option tells InterMapper Server to accept Administrator connections from any IP address (*.*.*.*) with the user ID remote and the password password. Immediately after you restart the server, you should launch InterMapper RemoteAccess on another computer and log into InterMapper Server to set up the "Admin" user with a strong password, and set the allowed addresses for the Remote Server access list.

Here is Windows

Go to where Intermapper.exe is installed.
Open command line window and browse to that folder.
Run this command

Intermapper.exe -A 'remote:password@*.*.*.*'
This will run and then will stay at command line.
User remote now has admin privilege and the password is password
Open Intermapper map list or remote console.
Click on Edit - Server Settings - Users
Change admin account with a new password
Delete the remote account if not needed.
Log off and close window
Close the command line window
Start Intermapper up normally and log in with admin account you just changed the password for