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Hi all, I am new to this.  Are the release notes for the client the same as the server?  When upgrading an Intermapper on an existing VM, are the protocols the same as the recommended upgrade process?  Are there any caveats that may prevent us from seamlessly upgrading to 6.5.1?  What is the procedure or plan for the server upgrade?



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Hi Anna,

Thanks for the question. We have one set of release notes covering both InterMapper and InterMapper RemoteAccess.

Any changes made to the console client for InterMapper are also made to the RemoteAccess client. They run the same code with the exception that the IMRA client can connect with multiple InterMapper server instances simultaneously and the console client only has access to the local InterMapper.

We recommend upgrading instances of InterMapper RemoteAccess at the same time as InterMapper, to keep the client and server versions in sync.

What version of IMRA are you using currently? Do you have multiple InterMapper servers of different versions?

If you currently have InterMapper RemoteAccess 6.5 and upgrade the InterMapper to 6.5.1, you should interoperate without problems, but you may wish to upgrade IMRA when convenient.

best regards,

Mike Maki

InterMapper Support

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I believe we are currently using Intermapper 6.3.  Will there be any issues from 6.3 to the current version?

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Shouldn't be a problem. We always recommend making a backup of InterMapper Settings, or at least the InterMapper Settings\Preferences and InterMapper Settings\Maps prior to upgrade.

The location of InterMapper Settings varies by host OS. These are listed here:

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