Q. What are the instructions for moving InterMapper DataCenter to a new server or volume?

A. To move InterMapper DataCenter from server A to server B, follow these instructions:

1. Make a clean install of InterMapper DataCenter on server B or the new volume. If server B or the new volume ever had IMDC installed previously, make sure to remove the /usr/local/imdc (Linux/UNIX/OSX) or C:\Program Files\InterMapper\dwf (Windows) folder first.

2. Don't configure IMDC after installation; just stop the service once the install is complete. On Windows, this is done from the Services control panel. On Linux/UNIX/OSX, this is done by running:

sudo /usr/local/imdc/sbin/imdc stop

3. On server A, stop IMDC in the same way. Then copy the /usr/local/imdc/config (Linux/UNIX/OSX) or C:\Program Files\InterMapper\dwf\config (Windows) folder, and all of its contents, from server A to the same location on server B or the new volume, overwriting any existing files.

4. On Linux/UNIX/OS X, make sure the /config folder, and all of its contents, are owned by the same user and group that owns /usr/local/imdc. Usually this is intermapper:intermapper. On Solaris, it can be intermap:intermap. The /config folder and its contents should have 0770 permissions. If you were running InterMapper Database, make sure the /config/database folder, and its contents, have 0700 permissions, or the database won't start.

5. Once permissions are set, start IMDC on server B or the new volume from the services control panel on Windows, or (Linux/UNIX/OSX) by running:

sudo /usr/local/imdc/sbin/imdc start

6. You will need to update the 'Reports Server' (if you're using InterMapper Database) and/or 'Users' (if you're using InterMapper Authentication Server) section of the InterMapper Server Settings, to tell it where you've moved the IMDC server. After changing the settings, wait a minute to make sure it's established the connection.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're moving IMDC from the same machine as the InterMapper server, to a different machine, you will receive a pop-up dialog from InterMapper. The dialog will tell you that you're trying to register with a different URL, and asks you whether you want to generate a new UUID for your InterMapper server. You must click NO, otherwise InterMapper Database will think that two separate servers are exporting to it.